There’s no substitute for experience and Daniel Habedank, our Operations Manager, has a wealth of post production experience.

Daniel has worked on all aspects of post production and fully understands the process and delivery requirements of both tape and file based formats.  Be it commercials, corporate, Tv series, documetaries, dramas all heave their own needs and requirements and we can cater for these here.

Involve us early in your pre-production and we can tailor a post schedule from digitising to audio finish that will meet your budget and production needs.

Speaking of needs, here are a couple of pointers for your editor to be aware of when delivering us your project.

VIDEO – We are an avid based facility and if you cut on avid your post production will be relatively straight forward.  Just give us consolidated sequence (50 frame handles) and an avid bin and we can be ready to go in an instant.

SOUND – We use Protools so we require an AAF export of your project with at least 50 frame handles.  We also require a low res quicktime (ideally an mp4) as guide vision.  Most editing software can  export both of these but feel to ask any questions if your production differs from the above.

DELIVERING TO VTR – smaller projects can be uploaded to us.  Hightail is a good way.

Again, please don’t hesitate to ask.  A quick conversation can save you hours of work.