At VTR you’ll find numerous edit suites along with experienced editors to drive them. Our editing platform of choice is Avid running Media Composer 8.4.2 or higher. We have 5 avid edit suites all connected via the Avid Nexis server system. This means one project can be worked on simultaneously in 5 different edit suits. Depending on your desired workflow, or budget, we can finish and colour grade on Davinci Resolve or Avid Symphony and are HD, 2K and 4K compatible.



Depending on what suits your project we can even digitise from any HD or SD tape.  That’s right, we have HDCAMSR, HDCam and Digibeta machines.  We can even dust off our HDV or DVCam machines for you if you require them.

Off course it’s all about file based workflows these days so any disk or card-based formats as well as numerous legacy formats are more than welcome.  And with 5 edit suites interconnected, we can ingest from 5 different suites at once.

We also offer a back-up and archiving service to LTO5 tape. So no matter whether you are shooting RED, P2, XDCamHD or any other file-based format you can have the peace of mind knowing that your valuable rushes are safely backed-up and archived for future use.

For total flexibility edit suites can be hired with or without an editor. We have 2 online suites and 3 offline suites.  All have client monitors and you can choose between a PC or Mac OS.  You can bring in your own drive and ‘plug and play’ on one of our Avids or you can be allocated temporary storage on our Avid Nexus system.

Ask us about special rates for long-term hire and packages.